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Nosi Link

Project Overview

For this project, our services encompassed logo design, website development, email signature implementation, branded WhatsApp stickers, and captivating mockup images. Additionally, we curated professional website copy content to engage and entice visitors, inviting them to savor the Nosi Link experience.


the Logo

Our collaboration with Nosi Link was more than just a project; it was a transformational journey. With a focus on elegance and class, we upgraded their brand image to reflect their commitment to excellence. From a minimalistic logo adorned in gold to a comprehensive suite of design elements, we ensured every touchpoint exuded refinement

Before nosi link branding - Old Logo osilink - Nosi Link | Portfolio: AllNew Media Solutions After nosi link branding - Nosilink Logo - Nosi Link | Portfolio: AllNew Media Solutions

The Website

Nosilink turned to us for a website that would captivate potential clients and showcase their catering and event services. Our design team crafted a visually striking website that highlights Nosilink’s culinary offerings and event planning expertise. With immersive imagery and user-friendly features, the website invites visitors to explore and envision their next event.

nosi link branding - Screenshot 2023 05 02 at 16 57 38 Nosi Link     Experience the Extraordinary - Nosi Link | Portfolio: AllNew Media Solutions

Marketing Video

but wait there, is more!

Nosi Link Branding Package

With services ranging from website development to professional copywriting and social media marketing, we ensured that every touchpoint reflected Nosi Link’s commitment to excellence. Experience the epitome of culinary craftsmanship with Nosi Link, brought to life by AllNew Media Solutions.