Business In Motion Podcast 11 : Starting-Up The New Year

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As the country comes into grips with persistent power cuts, it is undeniable that starting or running a business in this already tough economical climate has become a lot harder. In this podcast, : Business In Motion Podcast 14 : Starting-Up The New Year, we outline some of the important aspects of mental preparedness and the importance of time management in your business.

Business In Motion Podcast 11 : Starting-Up The New Year

The simple formula used to evaluate how much you are worth outlined in the podcast: If your target is R2000, divide it by the number of weeks: 4= R5000. This result will give you the weekly output that needs to be made to attain the target. If you then divide that by 5 days, you will then determine your daily target, R1000. Further dividing it by the number of hours in a work day, 8, will then give you your hourly rate.


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Author: Thabiso Zwane


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