Is Minimalism Really the Future?

new-logo-for-radio-saiojn-300x247  - new logo for radio saiojn 300x2472 300x247 - Is Minimalism Really the Future?

This morning I woke up having to close a design request i received from Lekoa Fm to brand their T-Shirts and Caps. Now, by trade I am a minimalist however this does not always apply as in some instances clients my not necessarily opt for minimal designs. With that said, both the images you see here where designed by me, two years apart. Now the first brief from the client was that they were looking for something, colorful, exciting and graphic, and thus the logo was born.  Interestingly enough the client came back 2 years later wanting to omit the graphics from the logo and thus the second design was born.

lekoa  - lekoa1 300x194 - Is Minimalism Really the Future?

I personally had very little influence in getting the client to make the modifications, which left me wondering. Is mankind in  the Minimal era where the “less is more” principle is more appealing to the eye ? I ask this because i personally have lived in that world for a while but had imagined it to be a solitary one. Good to know I am not alone :)  - icon smile - Is Minimalism Really the Future? .


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Author: Thabiso Zwane


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