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First of all, Zwane bra you need a shave! You work too hard and forget to groom yourself. The babes will run away from you sir, bo-mabebezar  papa.

Alright now that that’s out of the way, for a while now there has been rumors that WhatsApp will have a Calling Feature and upon news that the update was released, we took the time to give it a shot. Our verdict: Its Pretty awesome! The pro for us as AllNew Media Solutions is that we have yet another cost effective way to offer our clients support as we do on Facebook Messenger and Facebook Video Calling, Skype and Email. We are cheapsters and love it!

The feature is only available for Android users for now and is not yet available on the Google Play Store but you can download it here from the official website. Sadly Apple users will have to wait for their update to be released and  I have to say I am not certain if the update will be made available for Blackberry users but we will just wait and see.

So if you have any queries regarding your account, website or sales give us a ring on 0838959530. We are up 24hrs a day. Always high on caffeine!


Photography by Tshemane Khojane


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Author: Thabiso Zwane


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