Google: Be Responsive or Be Punished

Is Your Website Ready For Their Mobile-Friendly Requirements?

If a company wants their site to compete on today’s Web it is clear that the site must consider mobile devices and deliver an optimal experience to all devices and screen sizes. The way this is done is by building that site responsively.

For many companies, the reluctance to go responsive is due to financial reasons. Responsive is not something you “tack on” to an existing website. As such, to build a website responsively, that site needs to be redesigned and rebuilt. This requires an investment of both time and money, which is something that many companies have been unable to afford – hence the hesitation to take this responsive leap.

While Google is notorious for keeping the exact recipe for their search algorithm a closely guarded secret, they recently made very public, and very important, changes to how results are ranked and displayed. Previously, sites that worked well on mobile devices would be tagged in the results as “mobile friendly”, but the recent changes get rid of that tag. Under the new system, sites that are designed to deliver a full experience on mobile will be given greater weight in the search algorithm. This factor alone would be a significant change, but Google also made it clear that sites which are not designed to work on mobile or tablet devices would be penalized

In simple Terms:

Google will punish you if your site it not responsive.

Solution: You get in touch with us to update your site to the standards that Google wants. We have already updated 90% of all our existing clients to the the standard that Google wants.


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Author: Thabiso Zwane


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